Vytautas Gruzas

Hi, my name is Vytautas (You can call me Vytas!). I am a freelance writer that specialises in affiliate marketing content, however, I am flexible to write conversational blog posts or summary/news type posts.

I always write with SEO in mind and do keyword research (Ahrefs, Semrush, GSC) before writing any piece of content to properly structure a post for BIG G.

My current topics of expertise are kitchen equipment, kitchen maintenance, cooking, food, and electronic transportation vehicles (e-skateboards, e-scooters, hover boards, e-bikes). I really love to research new topics and learn new things so I am open to various jobs!

My main strengths are good communication skills, strict work ethic and ability to understand customer needs.

I am looking for long term customers for continuous work. This way I can analyze what you need and provide quality work every day/week/month. 

Check out my Portfolio page for samples and My Rates for pricing!

Food, Cooking, and Kitchen Equipment

Top 7 Best Potato Ricer Reviews in 2020

We have reviewed more than 15 most popular potato ricers currently on the market and narrowed down the field to 7 best potato ricers with UberChef Premium Stainless Steel Potato Ricer/Masher (buy on Amazon) taking the top spot as an overall best potato ricer. We have done all the hard work for you of gathering the information about best potato ricers and answers to questions you might have before buying one, so sit back and read on! Overall best potato ricer – UberChef Premium Stainless Stee

Top 9 Best Pastry Boards in 2020 - DO NOT BUY BEFORE READING

If you see yourself constantly working with pastry, pasta, bread dough, or even making candy you should consider investing in a pastry board. A good pastry board is an immense help to both professional chefs and amateur ones. Today we will review a variety of pastry boards from marble pastry boards to wooden pastry boards, we will even take a look at best silicone pastry mats. Whether you need a light silicone pastry mat that doesn’t take space in the kitchen, soft wooden pastry board for your

How to cook Gnocchi? All the questions answered

So you have succeeded making your first batch of gnocchi (if not check our simple guide to making potato gnocchi at home) or bought a pack from the store (or Amazon) and wondering how to cook them. Keep on reading and you will find out the easiest way we cook gnocchi along with a ton of other Gnocchi information that might concern you. We have gathered a number of questions and answers or tips about this amazing Italian dish. Navigate with the table of content to quickly jump to information you

The Best Korean BBQ Grill for Your Home in 2018 DON'T BUY BEFORE READING

You had Korean BBQ in a restaurant and loved it, now you want to create your own Korean BBQ experience at home! Obviously you will need to buy a Korean BBQ Grill of your own and conveniently for you we have gathered all the information you need to pick the Best Korean BBQ Grill for YOUR home in 2018. Our top best Korean BBQ Grill for home pick for 2018 is TeChef – Stovetop Korean BBQ Non-Stick Grill Pan Best Electric Korean BBQ Grill for home pick for 2018 is Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric

Electric Travel Vehicles

Boosted Mini S vs Mini X Review & Comparison

Take a look at the key features between the Boosted Mini S vs Mini X below, and carry on reading for our in depth review of the two electric skateboards. We are very excited to finally bring you Boosted Boards review and comparison. The amazing light electric skateboard company founded in California in 2012 was able to successfully finish their Kickstarter campaign by smashing $100k goal and generating $467k from their backers. Six years later Boosted Boards are selling their third generation p

Boosted Stealth & Boosted Plus Review 2019

Take a look at the key features below, and read on for the full Boosted Stealth & Boosted Plus review and comparison. We are back with another Boosted Boards review and comparison. This California based company has been on top of their game for the last 6 years constantly improving their electric skateboards and listening to customers needs. At the time of writing, they have their third generation electric skateboards on the market and all 4 of them are worth being in our best electric skatebo

Hollyburn Rovers P3, P5 & SS Electric Scooter Review

Works Electric is a US-based company that started in Portland, Oregon by a lone mechanical engineer and in general an all-trades guy Brad Baker. His goal was to contribute to the green movement and increase alternative energy use in the personal transportation industry. After a few years of literally living in his cinder block shop, Brad has developed his first generation Rover. Now, Works Electric already has three Rover models the Hollyburn P3, Hollyburn P5, and Hollyburn SS. These big bulky

Ninebot/Segway ES2 and 'ES4' Electric Scooter Review 2019

Not too long ago we had a look at the Segway ES1, a great electric scooter for commuters from the company Ninebot by Segway. Today we’re publishing our Segway ES2 review, a more powerful sibling of the Segway ES1. The widely known self-balancing electric transportation vehicles producer, Ninebot by Segway, currently produce just 2 electric scooter models ES1 and ES2, they both look very similar but the Segway ES2 version is a little bit more powerful and packs a few extra features which we’ll g